Identity Management Projects

Identity and Access Management


Together with organizations and projects that work with or support collaborative research, the IdM taskforce is exploring opportunities to expand researcher access, improve user management, and advance research through collaboration using federated identity.  By enabling the following federated services, barriers to collaborative research projects in the Big Ten Academic Alliance are lowered, and researchers can more quickly have access to a wider range of colleagues and applications.

  • Cloud Services Cookbook – When vendors of cloud services or other software products support federated identity, integrating these products with campus systems is much faster and easier both for the IT staff and for end users.  The IdM group is in the process of creating a set of documentation including recommendations and best practices for use in improving these integration processes.  This project is intended to complement and support the Internet2 Net+ initiative in so far as they both share the goal of easing the path to integrating higher education and research infrastructure with Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.